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TAURINE 500gr (SFD Nutrition)

TAURINE 500gr (SFD Nutrition)
TAURINE 500gr (SFD Nutrition)
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TAURINE 500gr (SFD Nutrition)

SFD Taurine is a product based on taurine, which works like a metabolic transmitter, what e.g. allows to facilitate transportation of creatine into muscle cells. At the same time, taurine participates in synthesis of body fluids.

Taurine helps regulate sugar level in blood, shows anticatabolic effectiveness (reduces the process of protein breakdown), increases nitrogen concentration in a body and helps decrease cholesterol level. It also blocks symptoms of fatigue, owing to what training can be done for longer.

Συστατικά: 99% taurine, 1% Vitamin C.



One serving= 3g/ 0,1oz of product, disolve in 300ml/ 10oz of water or juice.

Take one serving daily, preferably between meals and after workout, with creatine.

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